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"In 2011, 24 Foundation announced an expansion of the event to Indianapolis, Indiana. Rich Doppelfeld, Vice President of Global Human resources shared his 24 Hours of Booty experience with President and CEO of Klipsch, Paul Jacobs, leaving him no choice but to involve the corporation in the cause. “24 Foundation provides an opportunity to raise money to fight cancer, but also promotes true team building, esprit de corps and healthy living,” says Jacobs. Thank you for your support, @klipschaudio!"

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"This infinity edge pool gives a relaxing yet sophisticated vibe with its earth tones and sleek form. Using natural stone for pools is a great option due to its durability. Natural stone is long lasting in comparison to pools that use manufactured materials. Choosing natural stone is beneficial for the outdoors because of its sustainability and eco-friendly features which make it a safe and luxurious choice. Dean Agency International offers a plethora of options you can choose from to enhance your outdoor space."